Medicare Comparison In A Nutshell

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Medicare Comparison In A Nutshell

Medicare comparison is sometimes a daunting task, but this article will attempt to summarize this complicated subject. The government has an informative website at The main point to remember about Medicare comparison and Medigap is that it pays to do your homework.

Medicare comparison starts with familiarizing yourself with the different designations of Medicare coverage:

Part A Medicare is hospitalization insurance.
Part B Medicare is medical insurance for everything else but prescriptions.
Medicare provides this coverage; with Part A and Part B you can choose your physician, which hospital you go to and other health providers. You or your supplemental or Medigap insurance pays deductibles and coinsurance. For Part B insurance you will usually pay a monthly premium.

The other Medicare and Medigap policies are:

Part C Medicare is a Medicare plan that is similar to an HMO private policy; with this type plan Medigap insurance is not necessary.
Part D Medicare is for prescriptions; if you have a Part C plan that offers prescription drug insurance you usually have to take it.
Medigap Insurance is supplemental insurance to bridge the gap between what your Medicare Policy covers and the actual cost of medical treatments.

Medicare comparison is made easier by the fact that the government has standardized the coverage between states, and with the recent health reform laws also simplified Medicare choices somewhat. Private companies offer Medigap policies but benefits are standardized through most states by government regulations. Medicaid is another government program that may provide additional assistance with health costs.



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