Compare Medicare Part A to Understand What Is Covered

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Compare Medicare Part A to Understand What Is Covered

Seniors or people with a disability or qualifying medical condition, such as End-Stage Renal Disease, may find understanding coverage in the United States Medicare program a bit daunting. You have the freedom to choose the combination of Medicare plans that works best for you based on your medical conditions, current medication prescriptions, preferred health care provider and income, so making the best selection requires understanding how Medicare and its parts work. There are four parts and knowing how to compare Medicare Part A to the other Medicare parts goes a long way in making an informed decision.

In its most basic sense, Part A covers hospital insurance while Part B consists of medical insurance. Prescription drugs are covered in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans (similar to an HMO or PPO) are included in Medicare Part C. Medicare Part A is premium free as long as you or your spouse paid into Medicare taxes while they were working. In order to make the best Medical health insurance coverage choice to fit your needs, it is important to compare Medicare Part A.

Drilling down a bit further, Medicare Part A includes only services that are medically necessary. This includes inpatient hospital care, nursing home care or skilled nursing home care as well as critical access care in a hospital. Blood transfusions and 72 hours or longer hospital stays are covered. Home health services and hospice care are also covered, provided you meet specific criteria. While you compare Medicare Part A, you should know that it does not provide total coverage -- only medically necessary coverage-- and does not cover custodial or long-term care.



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