Compare Medicare Part B With Medicare Part A

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Compare Medicare Part B With Medicare Part A

Navigating the often tricky area of health care coverage can lead many people to throw up their hands in frustration. While most Medicare holders are at least partially aware of the kind of coverage they have, it is very helpful to Compare Medicare Part B with Medicare Part A to understand the differences in coverage since each is unique.

Medicare Part A is the type of coverage that is typically used to pay for inpatient hospital expenses and skilled nursing care within the home upon hospital discharge, if it is medically warranted. Medicare Part A includes most hospital services, such as semi private hospital board, medication needed while in the hospital, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. The Medicare Part A hospital insurance does not require its eligible users to pay premiums but does have a hospitalization deductible that must be met with every hospital stay.

To Compare Medicare Part B to Medicare Part A, it is first necessary to understand that Part B will cost money, while Part A does not. However, Medicare Part B is the coverage that will cover those situations that occur when you are out of the hospital, which include a variety of non-emergency medical situations. Medicare Part B covers situations such as outpatient surgical procedures (where medically necessary), x-rays, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, doctor visits, home health care, prosthetic devices like artificial limbs, and preventive care such as flu shots. Medicare Part B does not provide for general physicals, dental care, or vision care except in rare cases where such medical attention is necessary to overall health.

You must Compare Medicare Part B and Medicare Part A to decide which will work best for you. Many patients choose to combine the two plans to achieve the most health care coverage possible.



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