The Medicare Part B Quagmire – Just What Does it Cover?

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The Medicare Part B Quagmire – Just What Does it Cover?

If you thought you were done with premiums when applying for Medicare Part B, think again. If you have a limited income, your state may help subsidize it, otherwise we're stuck with the Medicare Part B cost of the premium. This premium is going to be cheaper than individual insurance coverage.

So, now that you've paid, just what do you get for your money? In a nutshell, Medicare Part B will help pay for outpatient care, doctor's services and medical supplies. Part B will pay for services that are medically necessary. Yes, that can cover a lot of ground, so let's break it down.

Medicare Part B covers:

-Doctor's services as well as up to three medical or surgical opinions
-Outpatient hospital and doctor's services
-Ambulance services
-Surgical center fees
-Emergency room services
-Chiropractic services
-Lab services
-Imaging services
-Diabetes screenings and supplies, eye exams for people with diabetes
-Other medical supplies such as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen
-Flu shots, hepatitis B shots, pneumonia shots
-Mental health outpatient services
-Podiatry services
-Therapies such as physical therapy, speech language therapy, medical nutrition therapy and occupational therapy
-Surgical dressings
-Transplants and related drugs

This is not a complete list, but it does cover some of the more common services. The best way to determine if the service or treatment you need is covered is to ask the provider. They want to be sure they'll be paid, so they'll know for sure if Medicare Part B covers what you need or not. Or, you could read the dictionary sized manual that explains Part B in detail.



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