Medicare Part B for Seniors

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Medicare Part B for Seniors

Medicare Part B is the section of health insurance coverage that takes care of doctor's visits, home health services, outpatient care and various other medical services. Seniors who do not sign up for Medicare Part B when it is first made available to them might have to pay a late enrollment fee when they do send in the paperwork. Medicare Part B is offered to the following people:

-Benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board
-Under the age of 65 and disabled
-If you suffer from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Should you not want Medicare Part B, simply return the card that has been sent to you following the instructions on that card. If you do not want the coverage but do not send the card back, you will need to pay the premiums associated with this coverage.

Part B covers two types of medical services: medically necessary services and preventive services. Medically necessary services include services and supplies that are needed to diagnose and treat a patient's problems. These items must also meet accepted standards of medicine. Preventive services are services that are performed to prevent illness or to detect illness at an early stage, when the treatments available are highly likely to work efficiently.

Some Part B services do not have any costs, while others will cost a pretty penny to the patient. The costs depend on whether or not you have an original form of medicare or you are partaking in a medicare plan at the time. Part B is an important health plan to have, especially at an older age.



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