Does My Medicare Plan Cover Drugs I Need?

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Does My Medicare Plan Cover Drugs I Need?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a Medicare Part D plan is whether that plan covers the services you need right now. Think about any other prescription drug insurance coverage you have from a union, employer or former employer. If you do have such coverage find out how that prescription insurance will work with Medicare. If you have such outside coverage which plan will make sense for you will be different than if you do not have such a plan. Be sure of how any other coverage you have works in a way beneficial to you with Medicare Part D plans you are considering. Talk to a representative of your employer/union plan before making any decision. If you drop your employer or union coverage you may be unable to get it back.

One part of a plan being providing services you need is that that plan is accepted by doctors or hospitals that you prefer. This is the same if you are getting a new doctor. You want to be sure your new doctor or hospital accepts the plan you are considering. Also be sure a new doctor is currently accepting new patients. Obviously if you choose a doctor that accepts your plan but won’t accept you it is not going to work. Some plans require you choose providers from a network. Likewise some require a referral for a specialist (if you see a lot of specialists such a plan might not be right for you).



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