Your Medicare Plan and Moving or Travel

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Your Medicare Plan and Moving or Travel

If you plan to move you should check to see if your Medicare plan works outside your current area. Even if the coverage does work outside your area the type of coverage offered might differ. Costs can also change when you move to a new area. If you plan to move you should be sure that your coverage will move with you. If you are moving to another state you should be sure your insurance carrier works in that state as well. Some companies might offer the same plans in different areas at the same state and not in other states, even nearby states. If the coverage changes only slightly outside your area or state it still might work for you. But compare costs and services to be sure. Know what questions to ask your insurance company.

Another consideration that relates to location is whether a plan works outside the USA. If you are going to be abroad for any significant time this is an important consideration. Even if you may be travelling with regularity this is something you should ask your insurer. Some plans may not cover you outside the United States. This is true even if you are on a cruise ship. It is not a sure thing that plans will work while you are on vacation overseas or on the sea. Ask before you sign up.



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