Getting Extra Help With Your Medicare Part D Plan

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Getting Extra Help With Your Medicare Part D Plan

You can get extra help paying for your Medicare Part D drug plan. If you qualify, there is financial assistant for monthly premiums, yearly deductibles, as well as prescription co-payments. The extra help you get depends on not only your income but other resources. There is a formula to determine if you qualify.

In some cases you automatically qualify and in others you will need to apply. If you automatically qualify for extra help you will get a purple-colored letter from Medicare. You should keep this letter in your records. You should, generally, err on the side of caution when it comes to getting rid of letters from Medicare. When in doubt, keep the letter. If you get such a letter you do not need to apply for extra help. If you do not get a letter you will need to apply.

You automatically qualify if you:

  • Have complete Medicaid coverage
  • Get help from a state Medicaid program paying your Part B premiums as part of a Medicare Savings program
  • Receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits

If you qualify you will need to join a Medicare drug plan to get this extra help. If you qualify and do not join a plan Medicare will enroll you. You should enroll yourself in a plan of your choosing. If you think you qualify you should contact Social Security or your State Medical Assistance office (Medicaid).



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