Caregivers Often Have To Make Choices Fore Loved-Ones

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Caregivers Often Have To Make Choices Fore Loved-Ones

If you are a caregiver you may need to choose a plan for your loved one. There are as many as 44 million caregivers in the USA and if you are one of them you should be careful to know all aspects of the Medicare Part D program you are picking. Be sure your loved-ones prescriptions are covered and make sure the costs are affordable based on their income. Know what the different plans are, what they cover and what they cost. A Medicare Part D plan covers only prescription drugs. Be sure that a Part D plan is what will serve your relative or friend best. Depending on their situation a Medicare Advantage Plan might be advisable. Know the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans (sometimes called Medicare Part C).

There are comparison tools you can use to help choose a plan. These can help you with estimating your total costs for drug coverage (premiums, co-pays, deductibles and other costs). Costs can vary by your zip code, the plan you pick and the medications you use. Again also look at other options available to you like Medicare Advantage Plans.

Be sure to have a list of drugs (with quantities and dosages) taken, your zip code, and address, and then complete the Medicare application. You will then get a packet within two weeks regarding coverage.



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